online course ‘reviews’

What people have said about their experience on the online ‘Model-making Techniques Course’ ….

‘I wanted to write to thank you for an amazing course. I learnt so much and had a great time. I really appreciate your patience and how you stuck at giving me the opportunity to take the course even when circumstances seemed against it.’ Carla M 4/10/21

‘Thank you so much for this course .. I really enjoyed it and appreciate all your effort trying to make it understandable and easy to follow. I imagine how difficult it must be to do this online! I would definitely join an advanced course if you finally decide to make it.’ Pedro S C 1/8/21

‘Thank you so much for such a thorough and detailed course, really absolutely invaluable and just what I needed at this point of my career. Looking forward to continuing on with what I’ve learned this week and to get stuck into the tutorials on WordPress too .. also found the standard sizing chat for furniture /doors etc so useful so will definitely be looking this up on your website for future reference .. Brilliant session again today thank you! Looking forward to tomorrow’s session. Poppy C 30/7/21

‘Thank you again so much for this week. It was incredibly enriching and I am very much looking forward to applying my newly gained knowledge and experience.Thank you also for so generously sharing so much material with us, for preparing our model-sets (which must have taken you forever!) and all the written advice and images. It is brilliant to have such a resource at our disposal. Fenna H 30/7/21

‘Thank you again so much for the class, it was great, with lots of tips and anecdotes, I had a great time and learnt a lot.’ Julie S 1/10/21

‘I’m thrilled to bits!  I’m learning so much, I’m only sad that it just for a week. Wonderful day today, looking forward to the morning! Thank you so much David. I’ve always loved the process of making things and for me, the preparation is actually more satisfying than the finished product ..Thank you also for giving my confidence and my mental health a big boost! Things have been a bit tough lately and the last week is exactly what I needed to kick start my normally positive attitude.  I really needed that and appreciate it enormously.’  Louise P 29/5/21

‘Thank you again for the fantastic week. So many great tips and techniques and such impeccable planning and preparation!! ( hats off!). Many thanks and warm regards  Vanya L W 28/5/21

‘I want to say how good the model making course was – how knowledgeable you are and clearly very good at what you do. Thank you for putting it together.  I know how long it takes to organise a one day’s workshop, let alone a whole week.’ Helen K 28/5/21

‘I am learning such a lot and loving it too. Can’t wait to get started again today.’ Christine 25/3/21

‘A huge thank you for such a great course last week. It was so well organised and informative. I really enjoyed it and it has made me look at some of my work with new eyes!  I was impressed at everything we covered. If only my normal work-rate was so fast!’  Alison 29/3/21

‘Day 5/5 of David Neat’s model-making techniques course. I’m sad it’s over! .. My quilted button experiment painted well, but then I discovered a three picture tutorial in our course materials that does it better so…will do that next time. I feel so inspired and much less shy about experimenting with materials and techniques! I have never worked with any of these materials before, but I am in love! Especially with Relief Medium’ Susan M, Instagram 26/5/21

‘The course was super fun and very hopeful for my job! The very detailed instructions from you are very handy .. very very useful!’   Pai 30/9/21

‘Can I take this opportunity to thank you for last week. It was really great to meet you and a privilege to watch you work. I gained so much from the week and have taken so much away, not just for my own model making work but my teaching practice too.’ Maree K 3/3/21

‘What fun last week!! I feel a little sad now when I look at my very untidy box of stuff that you sent!! As I mentioned I really appreciate that changing your entire course to fit an online medium is no easy task, but let me tell you, you did brilliantly!! It was a lovely atmosphere and pace and well explained. If you decide to do Part 2, count me in. I have to say that the course was great value for money and as you say in these times when many of us are really not working it is great to find someone who isn’t charging super expensive prices.’ Lisa O’K 1/3/21

‘Many thanks again for your teaching and patience last week, I really did find learning about how the correct processes and procedures can really enhance the work. It has inspired me to get working again – just need to find the work! The course fees are more than reasonable especially with the amount of materials you provide and the time and love spent putting those parcels together!’ Davy S 2/3/21

‘I really enjoyed the course! I’ve never made anything model size before and it felt great to be able to make things I previously had no idea how to approach. I finished the week feeling very inspired. Thank you for making the course so thorough and informative. It felt very seamless, despite being online.’ Esther D 21/2/21

‘I really enjoyed the course, thank you. It was the first course or learning experience I’ve had I think where I felt it was at an ideal pace. Everything was explained very well. I also thought that it was very beneficial having the close up camera, it was really good not to be struggling to see things properly.  I think you did an excellent job in the organisation and distribution of materials and relevant information too. If you have any follow up courses, even if just short classes or one offs focusing on specific techniques or skills, I would be interested.’ Beth H 19/2/21

‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for the most fabulous course, it couldn’t have been better. I can’t believe how much I learnt – all the different materials, methodes, techniques, tips, tricks…… !  Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and for all the resources on OnDrive. I look forward to practicing all that I have learnt.’ Sheila G 29/1/21

I just wanted to say a huge Thank You! for your fantastic teaching throughout this last  week.  I learned loads, and it  also set me thinking about ways of doing things differently (when working small) which was super helpful. In addition the resources you provided for all of us on the One Drive were incredible and it’s wonderful to have a record of everything we did and of all the materials and their sources.  I really appreciate having those notes and pics. Congrats on doing your first very successful online course – it seemed to go  incredibly well and it was a pleasure to be part of the group. I hope you felt happy about it yourself.’ Sarah B 29/1/21

‘I also just want to thank you so so much. Your never ending model making expertise as well as all the work you put into changing the course to an online format was absolutely amazing. I had no issues seeing the details of your demonstrations under the camera, and I absolutely loved the added slideshows of your work. My model making skills in just the past week have improved enormously, and the new materials are just a game changer, so thank you, thank you and thank you again! I’m so excited to get stuck into your website and improve even more!’ Natasha B 31/1/21

‘Its quite hard to do a course like that online but you did an exceptional job! Thank you so much for the amazing course! .. I just wanted to say again a big thank you for the course! I learned sooo much! Definitely one of the best (if not the best) courses I’ve done. Its so interesting how you come up with all those techniques! I think thats what made the course so fascinating to me, you showed us things that i would have never thought of and they worked so wonderfully!  Electra P 7/2/21