UK freelance model-makers

Marika Aakala

Location West Sussex Telephone 07511 392 186 Email  Portfolio website

Marika Aakala 1:6 scale bread and baguette 2014

1:6 scale bread and baguette, 2014. Polymer clay, pastels

Zepur Agopyan

Location London Telephone 07543 320 090 Email Portfolio website

Zepur Agopyan

1:6 scale violin and case, personal project

Atelier La Juntana

Location Madrid, Santander and London Email Portfolio website

Atelier La Juntana villa model

1:50 scale villa renovation model. Spain, 2007. Polyester, ipe wood, MDF

Jonny Blackmore

Location London Telephone 07531 368 067 Email Portfolio website

Jonny Blackmore

Flying Whale Palace

Daniella Callow

Location London Telephone 07515 274 001 Email Portfolio website

Daniella Callow

1:25 scale chandelier. Designer: Ian McNeil

Matthew Cooper

Location Hatfield/London Telephone 07712450872 Email Portfolio website

'Handyman' figure by Matthew Cooper

Handyman detail

Jessica Dance

Location London Telephone 07752 079 075 Email Portfolio website

Jessica Dance

Lamb Burger. Photographed by David Sykes

Marcia Doyle

Location London Telephone 07734 254125 Email  Portfolio website


Feature film white card 2015

David Drage

Location Aberdeen Telephone 07751 713 057 Email Portfolio website

David Drage 'Dumpster'


Alicia Fowles

Location Cardiff Telephone 07403 308 396 Email Portfolio website

Alicia Fowles

1:25 scale Subaru model in progress

Florence Hazard

Location London Telephone 07506 110 966 Email Portfolio website

Florence Hazard

1:25 model The Flying Dutchman Designer: Gary McCann

Rebecca Healey

Location London Telephone 07732 027 739 Email Portfolio website

Rebecca Healey

1:25 scale model Wedekind’s Spring Awakening

Verity Johnson

Location London Telephone 07530071173  Email   Portfolio website

DSC_0532_rev sm

1:25 scale model Friend of Dorothy written, devised and designed

Katie Lias

Location London Telephone 07762 640 984 Email Portfolio website

Katie Lias

1:25 scale model furniture in progress

Michael Lloyd

Location Midlands Telephone 07934 744 456 Email  Portfolio website 


Ubersaw build

Charlina Lucas

Location London Telephone 07311 841 795 Email Portfolio website


Cow puppet head for Blind Summit Theatre

Jaina Minton

Location Faversham Telephone 07834 227 396 Email Portfolio website

Jaina Minton 'Green Thing' mascot

‘Green Thing’ mascot

Laurence Moore

Location London Telephone 07530 242 643 Email Portfolio website

Laurence Moore

Film design concept model ‘in blue’

Catherine Morgan

Location London Telephone 07717 600 985 Email Portfolio website

Catherine Morgan

1:25 scale stove, Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West  Designer: Giles Cadle

Rosie Motion

Location London Telephone 07969 372 954 Email Portfolio website


1:25 model Stig of the Dump Designer: Gabriella Slade

Sam Murray

Location London Telephone 07733 101 955 Email Portfolio website

Sam Murray diner

1:50 scale diner frontage

Leoni Osborn

Location Oxford Telephone 07851 115 586 Email Portfolio website

Leoni Osborn

1:25 scale model, David Almond’s Skellig Competition entry

David Riley

Location Sheffield Telephone 07876 540545 Email Portfolio website


Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2016

Nathan Rose

Location Nottingham Telephone 07831 671 402 Email Facebook model-making

Nathan Rose

1:50 scale ‘cartoon style’ jet plane, high-density foam and styrene

Frances Roughton

Location London Telephone 07772 651 499 Email Portfolio website

Frances Roughton

1:25 scale model, Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie

Isobel Power Smith

Location London Telephone 07900 271 773 Email  Portfolio website 

1:10 scale farmhouse Animal Farm puppet production

Jessica Sutton

Location London Telephone 07460 482 332 Email  Portfolio website


Detroit 1:20 model set

Machiko Weston

Location London Telephone 07808 199 402 Email Portfolio website

Machiko Weston

1:50 scale model for The Rocky Horror Show tour. Designer: David Farley

Stevie Williams

Location London Telephone 07762 079 697 Email Website

Stevie Williams

1:25 scale model, Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse

Helen Yates

Location London Telephone 07530 067 774 Email Website

Helen Yates

Puppet commission

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