Recommended books

This list will, for the time being, come as a great disappointment to anyone looking for a proper one .. the reason is that I am going to add to it gradually as books come to mind, are recommended by others, or of course when I have time to look through my small library. For the moment, I’ve just started it off with those books I’ve recommended elsewhere on this site .. and when it gets bigger it will start to divide into subjects.

Thurston James The What, Where, When of Theater Props: An Illustrated Chronology from Arrowheads to Video Games Betterway Books, 1992

Verna Cook Salomonsky Masterpieces of Furniture 1931, republished by Dover 1953

American Institute of Architects Interior Graphic Standards 2nd Student Edition 2011

Stephen Calloway The Elements of Style

Peter Thornton Authentic Décor: The Domestic Interior 1620-1920 Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 1984

Albert Jackson and David Day Collins Complete Period House

Charles H Hayward English Period Furniture 1936

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