‘Dreambags’ 2000


David Neat 'Dreambags' 2000

Dreambags 2000



Dreambags was an idea which never really got past the prototype stage, but these occupy a special place in my ‘collection’ partly because I very rarely use blue except when dealing with sky. It’s also one of the ideas I really must take up again! I’m sure others have this too .. there are ideas that just refuse to go away, that patiently stick with us however forgotten, ignored or mistreated they might be. I can think of a few that I’ve had ever since childhood .. one is a response to the phrase ‘living daylights’ for which I imagined brightly coloured, crystalline forms emerging in a summer sky; another was making my own ‘Mr Potato Head’ kit but with insectile features and attachments; and another was this one .. bags for containing dreams, which could be fitted with spirit dispensers to dose them out when needed.

I’d been working on colouring wax at the time for another piece of work and had sewn together simple shapes in bunched fabric which I dipped into hot wax to build up very satisfying forms. It was only when I tried a deep indigo blue partly by chance that Dreambags sprang to my mind again .. and I’d also seen that one could buy small spouts for fitting on oil or vinegar bottles which looked more suitable than the heavier-duty cocktail type.