What people have said about their experience …

‘.. I also got another job doing mouldmaking and casting because of your course! Thanks so much, your course was so thorough I knew exactly what to do and I must say with great success’. Lily O 7/3/20

‘.. I loved your course very very much’  Katya R 5/3/20

‘It was a lovely little group all from different walks of life.’  Bav M 28/11/19

‘I had a fantastic time last week, really enjoyable and really useful in helping to piece together the jigsaw of bits and pieces of knowledge I’d gathered in trying to teach myself some of the techniques prior to attending.’   Chris L 27/11/19

‘Thank you so much for last week, you are such a great teacher. I learned so much in such a short time (I think we all did!). I would love to have a course with you again ..’ Electra P 26/11/19

‘I personally learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the whole week. If you need any quotes or references for future courses please feel free to shout.’   Mark G 26/11/19

‘Just a note to thank you and say how useful and enjoyable last week’s course was. It was all very well planned and organised .. I know how much time and effort has to go in to do this kind of thing well. For me it was really helpful to get some insight and experience of the problems and possibilities of mould-making and casting, which will certainly be useful for replicating sculptures and reliefs ..’  Humphrey R 24/11/19

‘I appreciated and enjoyed the workshop with you very much, it was a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere, sitting all together around the table while experimenting with new methods. I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to use this methods for my future stage-models. Thanks a lot, it was really nice having you as a teacher and maybe we’ll see us again, it would be great!!’  Magdalena H 22/3/19 (hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)

‘I just wanted to say a quick thank you for a really great week! Everything about the course was great, I really feel like I walked away with some very valuable new skills. And I don’t think I’ve learnt that much in such a short space of time for a while. The resin casting was probably my favourite part, I think I’ll continue to experiment with that.’ Hannah G 25/4/18

‘Thanks again for such an involved and informative course, I learnt so much this week!’ Rosie M 11/3/18

‘.. thought I’d drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed and learned on the course last week. I thought it went very well, good explanation and demonstration from you with a good opportunity for us to then practice. Yes, time was tight but it provided an excellent foundation for us to build on.’  Brian C 11/12/16

‘I’d like to say a huge ‘Thank You!’ for such a wonderful, engaging course. I know it was difficult to cover everything in detail given the varying pace and ambitions of the group. But it was a lot of fun and I personally came away feeling informed and certainly more confident to approach this new project. As predicted, I miss you and I imagine you are missing us noisy bunch just a weeny bit as well. At least, I hope you are having a relaxing weekend after the intensity of teaching such a chatty group!’  Elaine M 6/11/16

‘Thanks David again for such a fun informative course. I have learnt so much I’m bursting at the seams to get started! And everyone was soooo lovely that I wanna keep in touch with all of you!!!’  Sian A 8/10/16

‘It’s for me to thank you for such an informative and enjoyable week so thank you very much. I just hope that all you taught me will be retained but I do have the CD to remind me, of course, and your WordPress. I appreciate how hard it is teaching such an intensive course but we all really appreciated it. You are a very good and patient tutor if I may say so.’  Colleen H 26/3/16

‘I thank you both for being wonderful teachers to learn from in every way possible! And for allowing us to explore and experiment with so many different materials and processes that I now have as a part of my artist toolbox.’  Bishara M 15/4/15

‘I have to say that was one of the most informative and experimental courses I’ve ever done, the range of working with different materials and the different processes and techniques made me liken these processes to alchemy. For this a big thank you to David and Astrid for planning this course in that way for being so patient and kind with us and setting up a very intentional space in their home. Thank you also to my course mates for making the last week delightful, pleasant and bringing your good energies and problem solving solutions with you. I learned so much and I’m excited at what possibilities will come from putting my learning into practice.’  Bishara M 31/3/15

‘Yes it is pretty deflating to be back at work, yet so many materials ideas and techniques to work with in the future and I am looking forward working with them and experimenting lots more. Thank you most of all to David and Astrid for hosting such a fantastic course and dedicating so much of their time, expertise and patience to teaching all of these techniques. It really was a truly inspiring week and one which I discovered and learnt so much and I feel so fortunate that I was able to attend. It was also lovely meeting and working with you all.’  Nadine S 30/3/15

‘The course was fantastic, it was really great getting to see different peoples pieces being cast and how they came out, and talking about the different processes and materials. I definitely learnt a lot! Thank you for inviting us into your house to share your knowledge. It was really inspirational.’  Maddy N 11/4/14

‘The course was excellent, very informative and it was great to be able to ask you all the odd questions I had had in mind, I’ve just recently gone and got myself kitted up with all the materials I’ll be needing to pursue some more casting projects. I always find it amazing how many new ideas are generated just by learning about new materials and techniques, so many possibilities!’  Conor T 9/4/14

‘Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thankyou again for a very informative and fun week! The course itself was very comprehensive and exceeded my expectations – I certainly got what I came for and more.’  Matthew G 30/10/12

‘I feel so much clearer and confident about all the materials after your course and it is very beneficial to read your blog and remind myself of all the processes and properties and find that all the information did sink in. I guess when you really enjoy something it is a lot easier to remember, and having a good teacher of course.’  Cheryl M 18/3/12

‘And thanks for a really great week, I felt I learnt so much and I really do feel more inspired than I have felt for a very long time.’  Romy S 23/10/11