Mouldmaking and casting course summary

A 5-day practical course designed for sculptors, model-makers, prop/puppet-makers or anyone wishing to model and reproduce small forms. It can cater both for beginners with little prior experience or those with specific professional aims. Led by David Neat in Deptford, London SE8

Next courses in 2020  …

Due to the continuing situation I’ve had to postpone all my studio courses until the future becomes more ‘foreseeable’. I’ve consulted what the other larger course providers in London (such as University of the Arts and City Lit) are guaranteeing in terms of safety and, the fact is, I can’t provide the same .. my studio room is not big enough for ‘1metre+’ distancing for example, whatever other precautions are taken. In short, it’s still too risky!

I’m working on a live-online version of my ‘Model-making Techniques Course’ for which I send participants a ‘Materials and Resources’ package by post. Unfortunately the numbers and amounts of materials necessary for the ‘Mouldmaking and casting’ course as it was makes that impractical! So I don’t know when I’ll be resuming the course again, just that I will .. sometime!  In the meantime, and if you need help, please see the page attached to this one entitled Special ‘consultation’ sessions

Here are the former ‘Mouldmaking and casting’ course details, for reference and for when it returns:

Participants are asked to bring some small objects for casting with them, fully 3D for 2-part mouldmaking and also simpler one-sided forms (or anyone who prefers can use objects from my own stock of examples). Independent projects may also be accommodated after discussion in advance if they involve the same, or similar, scheduled materials and processes ..i.e. it may be difficult to give them that much separate attention.

We begin by looking at the various mouldmaking options and preparing the 3D objects, culminating later in making both hollow and solid castings. The practical emphasis of the course is on mouldmaking using a standard, general-purpose silicone rubber and then casting in a few of the most commonly used materials .. principally polyurethane resin, casting plaster and polymer-modified plaster ( aka.‘Jesmonite’ ).

We will also look at other mouldmaking materials such as re-meltable Vinamold; liquid latex; life-casting alginate and so-called ‘Oogoo’.

By the third day the moulds are ready to start casting in different materials, including the addition of colourants and fillers, or press-casting in Sculpey and Polymorph. We will also be considering metallic ‘cold casting’ with polyester resin and absorption casting using latex or clay slip. Finally attention is given to methods of painting or patination.

The course is full-time, Monday to Friday, starting at 10.00 and finishing at 5.30 each day. The cost per person is £400 and all practical materials (and a full instructional CD) are included.

For photos and more see the archived post Modelling, mouldmaking and casting course February 8 2012. Please bear in mind though that I am continually developing the course so some aspects have changed since 2012 .. also see further in the drop-down menu attached to this ‘summary’ for a more detailed  up-to-date course description and ‘reviews’ listing what people have said about their experience over the past 10 years

For anything else contact me at

53 thoughts on “Mouldmaking and casting course summary

  1. Hi David,
    Have been looking for a course to expand my casting skills…very limited at the moment. I’m a puppet designer/fabricator. Just wondering if you have any dates for any up and coming courses.

  2. Hi David,
    I would like to know availability for your courses this year, I have my own 3D printers and I would like to know how to cast some of my Items, more importantly I would like to know how to cast a 1:1 scale helmet. Is this something I could to on your course?
    Thanks for your time

  3. Hello

    When are your next casting and mould making workshops taking place please?

    What are the fees?

    Thank you


  4. Hi David.
    I was just wondering if you have courses moulding, casting course running throughout September or October?

  5. Hi, we are interested in your course and would like some further information especially if you have anything in the Yorkshire area
    Thank you

  6. Hi david , I am a scenic painter and would like to learn more prop making techniques I can not attend in march but could you let me know if you have more courses planned for 2017 ?thanks

  7. Oh such a pit… Thank you a lot for you reply!
    I am sorry for asking but would you have any recommendation of any course related to casting and hollow pieces for intermediate levels of any sort?

    Again, thank you very much!
    All best,

  8. Hello David,

    I was wondering if there is any possibility of you running this 5 day course between 17 November 2016 and mid February 2017?

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,

  9. Hi David
    I can’t find which part of the country your courses take place for mold making?
    Possibly because not very good on computers
    I am interested in making a food grade mold for my project. Its only a small mold.
    I live in Oldham Lancashire.
    I have read on your website you will have a course due on October 2016.
    Or do you have any information of you or any other molding people to whom i could ask to have some made for me? As I need the mold to be made before continuing on with my project.
    Regards Judith wilkinson

    • I don’t follow Judith .. it clearly states ‘Deptford, London SE8’ in the first paragraph. Bit of a treck from Lancashire but there are still places available for the course at the end of October. I can’t take on any other work at the moment, but will have a think about others.

  10. Hello David,

    Could the course material be expected to touch on the techniques available to Charlotte Hern when she executed the facade elements on her model of Grand Central Station, illustrated in your fine book, Model-Making, on p. 96? Just how she was able to construct the representation of the grills over the main street-facing windows staggers my imagination every time I refer to your text, which is frequently.


    • Thanks for your interest! Yes I’ll add you to the list. But how do you mean ‘on line’? .. they’re real-life courses. The next one of these is November 28 – December 2.

      • David!!! Thank you for answering!! It would have to be online as to I am disabled and not able to travel. I love your work!

      • Thanks! Sorry about that .. hopefully ‘Mouldmaking and casting’ in the ‘Methods’ section is a help though. Any additional advice .. just post on the site and I’ll do my best to answer.

  11. Hello
    I would love to take part in one of these courses. Please let me know when there is availability on the next one
    Thanks so much

  12. Hi David,
    I’m very interested in this course and I was wondering if you would be conducting me in your courses in March this year.

    • Hello Prince,
      Thanks for your interest. I’m afraid though that the course is already fully booked. Normally I would say that I can include you on the ‘reserve’ list in case of cancellations but this list is also already quite long. All I can do is keep your details and inform you when I know about the next one?

  13. Hi David,

    I’m very interested in this course and I was wondering if you would be conducting any courses between June to September this year. I’m a milliner but I have little experience in Modelling or Mouldmaking.

    • Thanks for your interest in the course! No, I’m afraid that this year I’m unable to run the course again until the autumn .. after September that is .. because of other work. If it’s ok with you I’ll add your name to the mailing list to let you know when I’ve arranged the next dates?

  14. Hello David,
    I would love to take part to this course – I’ve sent your an email with my details
    Hopefully there is still a place available,

    • No Hamsa, I’m afraid that I don’t do evening courses. I know that for working people this is usually more practical but I don’t believe that it’s possible .. between time spent settling in and clearing up .. either to achieve much or reach the right mental state within a couple of hours!

  15. Hello David, how are you? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and started the New Year well. I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my blog 😉 I finally got to do some “home made” moulding and casting and started experimenting with “fake surfaces” which I find quite interesting. Have a good upcoming weekend! Viele Grüße aus Bremen von Cristine

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