What people have said about their experience …

‘On my learning path to become a set designer I had the great pleasure to follow a workshop on Model Making techniques with you in March 2018. Thanks to you, I learnt some very valuable skills that have been put in practice straight away. And that tricky model box for the Finborough Theatre was easier to do with your knowledge. This email to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed that workshop ..’  Ninon F 3/12/19

‘Thank you again for all the knowledge and confidence you’ve instilled in us, we’ll endeavour to do your fantastic teaching justice!’  Ben T 13/7/19

‘.. and I think you’re the most charismatic teacher I ever had. I think you have great magnetism that gets through people. And your way of teaching through exploration and not through limitation, is very enriching. Many years passed and I will always remember you as my most motivating and inspiring teacher.’ Inma 2020

‘Just wanted to say from all of us, thank you so much for this week. We’ve just been discussing how we’ve all learned a phenomenal amount from your teaching, and feel so much more confident to approach our future projects. You’ve made seemingly complex processes accessible and easy to understand, many of which would have caused us much anxiety without your kind guidance. Above all though, we enjoyed chatting to you about all your experience and insights, it’s been an absolute privilege to have your company for a week!’  Ben T 21/6/19 (hosted by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School)

‘Your information and instruction is priceless. And above everything is your generosity. The amount of time and life experience it must have taken to learn and compile all of this valuable information is mind boggling! And then the time you invested to put it together in a detailed, logical, instructional format is fantastic! You are a very generous man. Thank you for helping us all find so many materials and learn so many techniques!’  Jim 19/6/19

‘I just wanted to thank you, again, for the course (materials, facilities and sharing your knowledge). Your way of teaching is very generous. Even, with my language barrier, I felt very comfortable in the group :)’  Almu C 13/5/19

‘I wanted to thank you for the excellent course last week. It was so interesting and so inspiring. Your explanations and demonstrations were very clear, and the balance of these to our having time to practise for ourselves was perfect. I found it to be really well paced, so I had time to work carefully but no time to get bored, and it was really encouraging to have something to show for the work right from the first day. I was also really grateful for the clarity of the information provided before the course; I really appreciated knowing what to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really quite sad to finish on Friday! Thank you so much for your expertise, your patience and your encouragement.’  Rebecca H 9/4/19

‘Greeting from sunny Australia! Just wanted to say a big thanks for a great week. It was fun, educational, inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable.Thanks again.’  Andrew M 18/2/19

‘Just to say thank you again for a fabulous course last week! You couldn’t have been any more knowledgeable or generous as a teacher – really so very much appreciated.’ Gail S 11/2/19

‘I wanted to email to say once again thank you for the course last week. I’ve learnt so much more then I was expecting from being there and all of it I feel will be invaluable to me in my hopes of progressing into model making as a line of work. One particular thing that stood out was the detailed sheets outlining what each material was and exactly where to get it from and for how much. After watching so many how to videos on youtube I spend so much of my time searching the web trying to find the places to buy these things, never quite sure if what I’m looking at or buying is the right stuff. All of the techniques and new materials were great to learn about, and I’ve already come up with a number of projects to put them all to use.’  Callum H 12/6/18

‘Last week’s course was fantastic and exactly what I wanted to get out of it. I know its going to hugely beneficial for me moving forward.’  Joseph B 26/3/18

‘I’ve very much enjoyed your class! I spend every day working in my studio and the material knowledge and techniques you offer are opening ways and means I never realised possible! Its definitely improving my studio practice!’  Franceska M 18/2/18

‘You are a great teacher , calm , precise and efficient . Everything was really perfect.’ Ricardo N 6/12/17

‘The invaluable life-long expertise you shared with us was priceless. I can’t wait to start making models in a few weeks over the Christmas break. I will definitely check the website too to remind myself of each step.’  Natalie D 16/10/17

‘Thank you so much for this week. I have never enjoyed a course like this before. It all comes down to how generous you are with sharing expertise, your patience, incredible talent and your genuine personality.’  Natalie D 8/10/17

‘I had the most enjoyable week and I am so sad it had to end (had to hold back a tear walking away)!’  Christine H 8/10/17

‘I’ve been meaning to drop you a line to say again how much I enjoyed the course and how much I learned from your excellent tutoring. Not only do I feel confident to explore lots of new materials and techniques but it’s made me see city environments in a different way. Apologies if that sounds a tad pretentious! But I find myself admiring the beauty of brickwork and pavements in a way I hadn’t before and trying to figure out how I would recreate the different colours and textures at scale…lots of challenges and problems to solve ahead! So thank you!’  A Flint 29/5/17

‘It was a brilliant week and my mind is working overtime as to how I can transfer my new skills into my artwork! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.’  Isobel C 24/5/17

‘Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks again for a fabulous course over the last five weeks. I feel like I’ve learned so much and every minute was fun. I just spent the evening making a staircase for my exhibition model … guided by the instructions in your excellent book!! Thanks again for a wonderful experience. Kirsten W 4/3/17 (hosted by Central Saint Martins, London)

‘Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the enjoyable week of model making, we all feel our skills have vastly improved. We spent a bit of time this week making ourselves some sanding tools inspired by your kit – picture attached!’ Sarah M 1/7/16 (hosted by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School)

‘I had such a great time – brilliant course and great to meet you and people from such different walks of life.’ Roni B 14/8/15

‘Had an excellent time in the short course this week! Thank you so much again for everything, it was really amazing.’  Rebecca A 31/7/15

‘.. and thank you both so much for delivering such a fantastic and inspiring course. You’re both so talented and resourceful. I’ve already bought my polyfilla! Can’t wait to start using some of these amazing materials and techniques.’  Amy W 24/4/15

‘.. wonderful course! I’m looking forward to putting everything into practice!’ Helen F 24/4/15

‘The whole course was so brilliant. Please please please please please let me know if you decide on more lessons. I definitely want to learn more.’  Laura M 11/11/14

‘I’m sure that it has already been said by the others but thank you so much for putting on such an interesting and enjoyable course. It has been great to get to know you and the others over the past 5 weeks. I have already shown off all the models I have made to my friends and I intend to carry on learning and making all things 1:25!’  Caz G 11/11/14 (hosted by Central Saint Martins, London)

‘Thank you so much, it has been an excellent week. We have learnt so very much and I really enjoyed myself too! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.’  Bunny S 25/4/14

‘Mark was really excited about the techniques that he learnt on the course and has already planned some work that he wants to do. I have looked for a suitable course for ages for him and was delighted to find this opportunity. He had a wonderful time and I know that he will use his new knowledge coupled with his endless energy and enthusiasm to good effect!’  Diane C 4/5/14

‘I absolutely loved last week, it was so great and much, much, much more than I expected! Thank you so much for a fun and very informative week!’  Rebecca C 1/5/14

‘I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for the scale model building course I did at the start of the year. I really enjoyed the course, and being back in an art room really inspired me. I thought the teaching and the materials provided were really great, and I am sure it will help me in future artistic adventures. The other point I would say is that I always enjoyed the stories you told when we were working or when you were teaching us. Sometimes you asked if you were talking too much, but that was what I (and probably everyone else) was there for first and foremost. So whether it be talking about drying out tea bags, or cutting out set squares in front of the TV, I really liked hearing about how you practiced art.’  Joseph R 24/8/12

‘A big thank you again to yourself and Astrid for the course, the wealth of your knowledge and patient, considerate response to questions.’  Kirsten E 6/8/12

‘I’ve been noticing the brickwork on everything since the course! I thoroughly enjoyed the course again, I only wish it had been for longer.’  Cheryl 14/4/12

‘Thank for the course and giving an opportunity to work on different materials. This course certainly helped me to develop different approach and I would be using it in future.’  Pavan K 2/4/12

‘I also want to thank you for the great course ..The students have been extremely happy with your teaching and already asked, when you will be back… I hope that we can invite you again in the future. I think that the students have now learned the most essential and useful skills in model making and they can surely develop themselves further.’ Laura G 11/12/11 (hosted by Aalto University: School of Arts, Design and Architecture,  Helsinki)

‘.. and thanks again so much for such an interesting course. I was brimming with excitement at all the new techniques I had learned by the end of the week! I got a lot out of it and am really excited about experimenting with all these new materials in the future.’  Hannah S 14/11/11

‘Just to say again how much I enjoyed the course, very well organized, just the right pace and so much valuable information – thank you.’  Pam K 4/8/10

‘I would like to tell you only one word about the course. I absolutely enjoyed it. It was a fantastic week. I wish to do it all in my life what I did during the week. BUT I think this course was very cheap. Actually if I had to pay it more I would do it happily. I was participant of couple of other courses in the past and some was more expensive than yours but less prepared, less professional… But obviously it is your choice. But my opinion is your course worths the money. So guys, thank you very much again for the time, for the effort, for all of the informations and for the lovely biscuits!’  Zsuzsa K 18/3/10