Freelance model-makers in the UK

To those of you who’ve contributed to my list of freelance model-makers .. many thanks for your exceptional patience! It’s taken me an eternity to put together what I have been given so far .. not because it’s that much, but because of so many other commitments. I’ve now put it up under Model-makers in the main menu. It’s a small beginning .. and I hope that a range of other makers will offer their details in time .. but there is already some fine work to see there!

It’s not my intention to compete with other valuable resources, such as 4D modelshop’s list of freelancers This is well-known, long- established and effective .. I usually get a few calls a month on the basis of this .. but here I just wanted to give beginners or devotees a chance alongside more experienced makers.

I’ve chosen to list everyone very simply .. giving their location, telephone and email contact, and their portfolio website for more of their work. I’ve selected just one representative image per person, in agreement with them.

Here are a few examples, such as Zepur Agopyan’s 1:6 scale violin and case ..

Zepur Agopyan

.. or Machiko Weston’s 1:50 scale house for The Rocky Horror Show tour designed by David Farley

Machiko Weston

.. or the Lamb Burger from Jessica Dance, photographed by David Sykes.

Jessica Dance

If you’d like to be included in this list, you’re welcome to send me your details so that I can look at your work. My main purpose in putting this list together was so that I could refer clients to a range of makers who may be able to help them .. I get many offers of work which I am unable to manage .. and I have already been able to forward a number of opportunities.



3 thoughts on “Freelance model-makers in the UK

  1. Hi I am an modeller I build ww2 and sci fi kits .I like to give a realistic look to my work . I have sold a few to collectors , but I would like to progress to a more professional level .check out my facebook page the modelling man

  2. Dear David, We are a modelmaking practice based in London and Spain. We would like to be part of your modelmaker list, if this is possible. You can have a look to our work here: We are also organising a summer workshop for architects and modelmakers in our studio in the North of Spain, bed and breakfast included. Thank you in advance, Armor Gutierrez Rivas


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