Good model-makers looking for work


This must be the shortest post I’ve ever written .. hurrah!

I’m often asked if I can recommend good model-makers for various types of job and this usually presents me with two problems. Firstly I can never remember exactly where I’ve put people’s details and secondly it’s difficult for me to find the time to look through them and then forward the information on. It would be a great deal easier for me to be able to refer anyone who asks to an available list .. so I’m planning to compile a list somewhere on this site!

If you live in the UK, consider yourself a good model-maker and are seriously looking for work I’d appreciate it if you get in touch. You need to send me links to your work online that I can have a look at first and which clients can then refer to once the list is available. Let me know if you have any specialisms which one might not otherwise assume i.e. mouldmaking and casting,  or other drawing, design or making skills. Anyone I already know or who’s contacted me in the past about this .. apologies, but please update me!

I can only recommend people whose work I think is good or who show promise. This may not necessarily be dependent on years of experience. Times are certainly hard at the moment for anyone hoping to earn a living from model-making .. the encroachment of CGI methods in most disciplines; the economical pressure on small (and big!) commissioning companies to demand increasingly ‘more for less’ and, quite honestly, an increasing lack of foresight and time-management skills amongst the decision makers! But it’s certainly not total gloom! For example although the tide of CGI probably won’t turn for a long time, if at all .. there are ways of surviving in the water, as long as one continues to work on one’s specialisms. Look at it this way .. in years to come, once CGI has become tired and jaded through overuse a change will be desperately needed. People with practical skills will be highly prized once more because, in the intervening time, most others will no longer know how to make things!

The photo above is from David Neat Model-making: Materials and Methods Crowood 2008 and taken by Astrid Baerndal.


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