the sizes of things

There are certain common ‘sizes’ which I, for one, have always had to remind myself of each time I’ve needed them, either by hunting down and measuring up the nearest examples, doing yet another Google search or, more rarely, actually managing to locate the note I made the last time.

Recently, finding out more about standard brick sizes and the reasons for them helped me to contextualize them in my memory.  As much for my own benefit as anyone else’s I’ve started to compile an account of what I know and what I’ve researched. It can be found under the heading common sizes of things in the ‘Methods’ section. Here you will find averages for the human figure; architectural features such as doors, windows, steps and floorboards; common dimensions of chairs, tables or beds; an explanation of paper sizes, amongst other things. This information is, as far as possible, checked and trusted! I’ve confined my search to reliable sources rather than relying on too many well-intentioned ‘uncles’ on .. and I’ve also listed these sources!

I have made a start, but I am hoping this will develop .. and really I’d like to hear from you! Which ‘standards’ do you rely on? Where did you get them from .. can you trust them? What do you know of the reasons for them? Post what you know either here or on the page as a comment so that these vital bits of info can be shared! The knowledge you provide must be supported though .. derived either from your professional practice or quoting a reliable source.


2 thoughts on “the sizes of things

  1. David – I love receiving your posts – the care and detail shared is uplifting – I’ve had a quick read and am looking forward to a longer browse this evening and over the weekend.
    Very best wishes

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