1:25 scale feature at the 4D modelshop, London

I’m exhibiting my 1:25 scale teaching kit for a short while at the 4D modelshop 120 Leman St, London E1 8EU www.modelshop.co.uk as part of their focus in May on working in 1:25 scale. Because of teaching commitments I can’t donate it for the whole month but it will be there from the 15th. The kit comprises model examples, worksheets and material samples and I started developing this compact form (the intention to fit everything into a box measuring 350x530x100mm) when I was asked to teach in Helsinki last December and I imagined that I wouldn’t have much more than half the space of a suitcase after all the thermals went in!  As it happened it was the warmest Helsinki December for a long time and I spent most of the time in t-shirts but the Helsinkibox as I call it for short has remained one of my better ideas and I have continued to develop it. My aim is to keep refining it until I have illustrated just about every material and technique that it likely to feature in my regular teaching .. without adding to the overall volume! This is quite a challenge since I obsessively update my teaching plans and continue researching new materials and methods almost every day.

What’s rather satisfying though is the thought that the project has become very similar to a theatre design brief, in which the ‘stage space’ has a physical limit and the materials are ‘characters’ which need to be conveyed (sometimes under various disguises) by means of ‘set pieces’.

4D modelshop have also asked me whether I can contribute a few guidance sheets focusing on some of the materials displayed which will be printed out and available to take away (adding to 4D’s already impressive array of free guidance sheets!). I am planning to post them here in my usual format but am hoping to open up a new section for these, accessed from the menu underneath the header image, with the title ‘Materials’. This will I hope make it easier to search for guideline information on using specific materials.






6 thoughts on “1:25 scale feature at the 4D modelshop, London

  1. David,
    Your work and knowledge is fantastic, so many useful tips on here. I’m so glad i found your site… I wondered if you knew – other than ModelShop – of anywhere else that sells 1:25 furniture items. It may seem lazy to want them pre-made, but my skills don’t stretch that far yet… Thanks in advance of any help!

    • I’m afraid 1:25 is rare. I did hear of a small company laser-cutting 1:25 chair designs in plywood, I’ve forgotten the name but I’ll have a look. Have a look on the website of the Kensington Dollhouse Festival .. I think that’s what it’s called .. there may be links there to makers, though their smallest scale would probably be 1:24.

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