Kunst mit Schokolade

I’m pleased to say that an example of my multiple series Faim de siecle: Notable artists of the twentieth century in the form of confectionery is to be seen .. alongside works by Beuys, Duchamp and Schwitters amongst others .. in the forthcoming exhibition Kunst mit Schokolade at the Museum Ritter in Waldenbuch, Germany. I suppose it was a ‘given’ considering the subject, plus the fact that the Sammlung Marli Hoppe-Ritter has more than one of my works, I think .. partly due to the good efforts of my gallerist Angelika Osterwalder. The exhibition runs from May 13th to September 30th.

I started working on this series in 1997 and the original intention was to lightly satirize the trademarking practiced by the art world .. and often the artists themselves .. with a series of 100 confectionery designs to celebrate the Millennium. The works are fake .. not edible .. either cast in resin or put together with mixed media. The other integral idea was that anyone wishing to purchase some of the forms (each produced in an edition of 100) could do so in the fashion of ‘pic’n’mix’ and receive their chosen favourites nicely packaged in a special presentation box.

Above is a detail of one of the presentation boxes containing (from top left) Iain Hamilton Finlay, Giorgio de Chirico, Robert Smithson, Henri Matisse, Claes Oldenburg and Yves Klein. One of my favourites remains my OnKawara (famous for boxes painted with nothing but the day’s date) which I think is suitably dry and understated.

Over the years the series has found favour with quite a wide audience, finding it’s way into many established collections .. and my youngest client so far has been 8 years old.


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