Layered drawings

I’ve decided to revisit a technique I first tried in 1997, drawing with Rotring on overlaid pieces of draughting paper. At the time I created a room installation of 12 wall-boxes rather like insect display cases containing ‘biomorphic’ forms which were drawn rather than sculpted .. the successive layers of transparent paper creating a sense of depth. I had planned to follow this up by tinting areas of the paper and overlaying colours .. something which had really excited me at the time but for some reason I’ve waited until now to try!

By the way, this is my very first entry! For the very first time it just feels like .. the right time. I think I’m also hoping it will become a little, nagging ‘taskmaster’ .. reminding me of the things I’ve considered important enough to share ‘publicly’ and imposing more of an incentive to follow the intentions up. So now, I’ll press ‘publish’ and try to do just that…


5 thoughts on “Layered drawings

  1. Hi, David,
    I am very impressed. You are obviously not only a skilled modeller, but also a terrific teacher. I will be able to use lots of your ideas on materials and methods. If you are interested, you can have a look at my blog about building a Pocher model car, Just Google pocherpacific. I have read and enjoyed almost everything that you have posted so far.

    Thank you!


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